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M & P Recycling Co., Ltd was founded by director Zhaohui Xing on 18 June, 2008. It is a one-stop scrap metal recycling company buying all types of metal from the public and also commercial customers. Our vision is to be a good community and environmental partner.


At the beginning, M & P recycled both scrap metal and plastic. Later due to some changes of the business and industry, plastic recycling service stopped and only scrap metal recycling service continues.


M & P always puts strong focus on customer satisfaction and prompt & customer-friendly service. An experienced team is there to help individual customers sort out their scrap metal to get best cash. The diversified team is made up of Tongan, Samoa, Malaysian and Chinese who speak different languages to ensure smooth communication with our customers.


After ten years of development, we have a large number of loyal customers. M & P also works with commercial customers, offering bin drop-off, collection service and demolition services. M & P strives to establish stable and long-term cooperative relationship with both commercial and individual customers.


M&P is proud to be a member of the New Zealand Association of Metal Recyclers.

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