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M &P offers a variety of services to suit customers’ specific recycling needs.  We cater to not only private customers, but also factories and businesses. The main services we provide include bin service, collection service and public drop off service.

Bin Service

M & P offers a range of bin types and sizes to suit customers’ specific needs, from 9 m3 up to 30m3. Bins are serviced by our internal fleet of six trucks for bin placement, drop off and pick up. Once the bin is ready for collection from customer’s site, customer only has to ring us, and M & P will arrange the collection and bin swap within 1 to 2 working days.

Collection Service​ (commercial customers)

M & P can collect loose scrap in larger quantities that may not be suitable for bins, for example oversize roofing iron, bulky or heavy items. Internal truck fleet could ensure prompt and reliable collection service for the customers. This is for commercial customers, not individual customers. Please ring us to confirm availability. 


Public Drop Off 

We're open to public six days a week, including weekends. You could drop off your scrap metal any time during our business hours. No booking is required. There is no cost for dropping off your scrap metal. We will pay you instead based on materials you bring in. Our yard can suit about ten vehicles at a time which saves you a lot of time. Cash payment can be made on site immediately. 

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